There are those who believe the saying…
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

However with refrigeration equipment, when it does eventually break, often they finish up having to replace expensive parts and make hasty alternative arrangements to cover the unplanned interruption to normal service.

Possible loss of product and / or customer confidence, and expense, expense, expense.

Timely servicing is proven to be an effective and economic precaution against such disasters, as practised by the national fleet operators – so why not take a leaf out of their book.
With a background of over twenty years experience of the trade, we can recommend a frequency of service to suit your particular business, taking into account your cargo, how often you unload etc.

All it takes is a phone 01628 622539
and we will take your problem off your hands.

We are experienced on all the leading makes of transport refrigeration equipment.

We can carry out most services on your premises if you prefer, or you can bring you vehicle to our workshop. Servicing several units at one visit is most economical. Most repairs need to be carried out in our workshop.

SPEEDY REPAIR of breakdowns.

FREE QUOTATIONS for accident repairs.

planned to suit your work schedule, we remind you when a service is due and fit it in to suit you.