Usually the customer starts with a new vehicle which he wishes to be converted for refrigeration. So when we quote, we can arrange for the insulation of the vehicle as well as refrigeration.

By working closely with coachbuilders, we cover the complete package, and it is usual for the vehicle supplier to act as our customer so that the insulated, refrigerated vehicle is a single financial item. This method suits most customers.

Working with coachbuilders we can offer a wide range of options to suit every conceivable application, of which a few are

  •  Side and/or rear loading doors, or slab doors
  •  Single or split compartments
  •  Special floors and wheels box protection against pallet damage.
  •  Single or three phase standby units for overnight maintenance of temperature.
  •  Interior lights and temperature recorders
  •  Roof pods.

We can provide a list of our customers who can be consulted in confidence to give you their assessment of our service.