Many motorists pay little heed to the air conditioning system in their car – until it does not work. Then comes the dilemma – will it cost a fortune to get it repaired?

To respond to that situation, Vanchilla operate a modest fixed charge for fault diagnosis. From our experience and tests we can usually determine what is at fault, the remedy and how much it would cost (approximately) to put things right again. The customer is committed only to the modest fixed diagnosis charge.

We will offer a quotation for the repair, and the motorist can go away to compare our quotation with our competitor’s if he so wishes. Most people come back to us, but we commence work on repairs only after receiving the instruction from the customer to do so.

The wiser plan is to have your air-conditioning system checked occasionally without waiting for it to malfunction.

To satisfy this need, Vanchilla operate a fixed service charge. The service checks for any signs of possible troubles at the earliest stages, to prevent them developing into real problems.

We check the wiring for any signs of corrosion, abrasion and security.

We check the piping for signs of deterioration, chaffing and security.

We examine the drive belt to ensure that it is in good condition and is properly tensioned.

We check the refrigerant level, and if not satisfactory, we remove it. We put the system under pressure and vacuum to test for leaks, recharge the system with new refrigerant, run the unit and test for operating temperatures and pressures and hand back the vehicle only after having satisfied all our tests.

Our customer knows what it will cost
before we start

Just call 01628 622539 to book a date and time – we will do our best to comply.